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You can buy our e-chamber spacers from most pharmacy outlets as well as online. Visit or our Where to buy section to find out more.

Using a spacer is much more effective than a puffer alone. For many people, executing the correct technique when using an asthma puffer alone can be difficult which leads to poor drug delivery to the lungs. e-chamber spacers help slow the delivery of medication and reduce the need for co-ordination, which in turn allows for a much higher quality delivery to the lungs. Check out our video for more info.
For your kids 0-6, it may be difficult for them to use a spacer by themselves. For this age especially, it is best to include a mask attachment to ensure they are effectively receiving their medication into their lungs.

The e-chamber asthma spacers have a very unique design that is anti-static. This avoids medication adhering to the sides of the spacer during delivery and therefore eliminates the need to rinse, drip dry or prime the spacer prior to use.

As seen in our product comparison, the e-chamber range has the highest dose of medication exiting the chamber and respirable dose exiting the chamber compared to other asthma spacers.

Masks can be used for anyone at any age, making medication delivery less difficult for individuals. You can buy 2 different sized masks here, to help with using your spacer.
All of our spacer options are great! The La Grande spacer with its larger capacity at 510mL provides the best medication delivery, but the La Petite is our most popular as its performance is still great and can conveniently fit in any backpack, handbag or school bag! Check out our product descriptions to find what’s right for you.

We do offer a convenient combo option for your 0-6 year olds which includes the La Petite Spacer and a small mask.

The e-chamber Portable Nebuliser is a low cost, lightweight and compact device that can provide delivery of prescribed liquid medication, in instances where a spacer & puffer is not suitable. It can ensure effective and comfortable medication delivery while on the go or travelling, just as effectively as spacers.

You should clean your spacer weekly by removing each part of the spacer, hand-wash in warm soapy water and allow your spacer to air dry. Check out our video that gives you a step-by-step guide.

Spacers should be replaced every 12 months or immediately after if any damage or breakage has occurred.

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